Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Illustriously Simple Title

Ah, the sweet inevitability of a new blog by yours truly. Yes, Blog (imagine with italics to emphasize the repetition of the word), the cute, near-innoffensive four-letter word with a zillion people buzzing the entire world over, trying to distill their lives into something revelatory. Unless of course you have a music blog, which means you are trying to distill being "hip" into something revelatory. In any case, this is my new blog so I should cover my feelings on them at some point. I mean. Since this is basically a reality-television version of a diary, wherein the writer (me) thinks being the writer (again, me) is drastically more important than it actually is, while hoping the reader (you) will actually sift through this dribble willingly and perhaps comment on my complete disregard for brevity. Of course, the reader (still, you) is hoping by "commenting" this writer (still, me) will respond to the readers (again, you) own blog, thereby creating some kind of "virtual" community of self-obsession, where we all pat each others backs when bad shit happens and virtually ignore each other when good things happen. Of course, I've been writing about myself for years online without actually knowing what I was doing. Cheers to the self-obsessed.

Moving on.

Canada. I'm currently living in Canada. Which is really funny because by and large, it's a lot like The United States in all the ways that count. There are gas stations everywhere and every massive suburban housing project has a mini-mall all of it's own. So, there's no inner-struggle for acceptance, or culture shock to deal with on my part. Except for when I try to read the French on the wrong side of packages; having successfully slept through French class all through one semester of high school. I am homesick, however. My homesickness is somewhat counter-measured by the math I've been meaning to do. I've been trying to figure out through studying my taxes exactly how much money is being lost to the United States military by my lack of participation in the system altogether. I mean, it's a drop in the bucket, sure. But it does make me feel slightly better about being here. I miss Portland.

I got a new dog. Her name is Apple and she is a complete pain in my ass. I even wrote a song about her being a pain in my ass. It was very funny and self-depracating and written in a total Elephant 6 style. She's pretty cute though and she loves to play fetch, which is a must for any dog.

Okay. I'm done.

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this is a fake blog said...

I am leaving a comment on your blog because I drank a bottle of wine all to myself. Yes, I am drunk. I feel so selfcongratulatory that I will make up words like "selfcongratulatory". I am glad you enjoy Canada, try to stick it to the man whenever you can, and dogs are cool.